Welcome to Marlinec

Marlinec (Pty) Ltd was established in 1977 and works closely with its sister company, Jaluma (Pty) Ltd (established 1975) to recondition/refurbish/convert industrial components, mainly through selective electroplating, a cold surface finishing process that does not affect the base materials, with excellent adhesion-, density- and specific required surface characteristics.

A wide range of alloys and pure elements, 35 (sourced from Jaluma*) can be plated on site to provide required surface characteristics. The most commonly used during the selective electroplating process at Marlinec, are

Copper Cobalt
Cadmium Gold
Nickel Silver
Tin Zinc
Nickel CobaltNickel Tungsten

 * Over 100 alloys/elements can be plated using the brush selective electroplating process


Reconditioning done by Marlinec includes amongst others 

the dimensional restoration of shafts, bearing journals, wheel seats, bores, axles and canon box- and U-tube bearing
housings and bearing seats;
repairing defects like scratches, pitting, wear and other surface defects;
 corrosion protection;
copper, silver and gold coating to ensure electrical and thermal conductivity; and
enhancing a components' wear resistance by applying chromium or nickel cobalt, nickel tungsten and hardness by
applying nickel or nickel tungsten.