Applications we work with:

The Selective Electroplating process is widely used throughout all branches of industry:

  • Aviation & aerospace
  • General engineering
  • Machinery & mechanics
  • Nuclear
  • Marine
  • Arms and armament
  • Electrical & electronics
  • Air and vacuum
  • Printing
  • Auto mobile

Its main applications include:

  • The resizing and reconditioning of miss- or over machined parts
  • The repair of worn components such as:
    • Shafts, axles, journals and wheel seats
    • Bearings, bearing housings and bearing seats
    • Valves and valve casings
  • Bores
  • Engine parts etc.
  • Improvement of electrical performance by reducing electrical resistance and wear effects on bus bars, printed circuits, contacts, communicators
  • Corrosion protection coatings
  • Anti-fretting coatings
  • Anti-friction coatings
  • Coatings to ensure good sealing
  • Coatings to facilitate soldering and brazing
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