Specialised Training

Marlinec, in cooperation with Jaluma, provides initial specialised training on selective electroplating (at no cost) to operators that purchase plating equipment or lease such equipment from Marlinec/Jaluma.

Refresher and/or additional operator training can also be done on request at reasonable rates.

The training course will provide the operator with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply the selective electroplating process to any component/applications suitable for this process.

The course consists of a theoretical session (in order to understand the basic principles of the process and to learn how to use the various plating data and tables to achieve desired results) followed by a practical session (where the operator/s will have to implement the acquired theoretical knowledge during several practical sessions to obtain the required skills).

Training Course Overview

Duration: 2-3 days depending on the number of operators and their skill levels

Identification of the component and its function, the base metal/alloy and the area to be plated

  • The component on which plating is done as well as its function must clearly be identified
  • The area to be plated must be precisely defined for plating calculations
  • The base metal of the component must be known

Choosing the coating to apply

  • The choice of coating will depend on the application and base metal of the component to be plated

Calculation of plating parameters

  • It is of utmost importance that these calculations are correct. Calculations will affect the thickness of the coating, power usage and plating time

Practical sessions

  • Preparing the work environment
  • Preparing the component
  • Tooling setup
  • Plating equipment operation
  • Quality of the plating
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