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Marlinec (Pty) Ltd provides cost effective solutions (15-35% of new component prices) through reconditioning/refurbishing/converting of industrial components, mainly utilising selective electroplating – a well proven and established global technology which Marlinec introduced in South Africa during the mid-70’s.


To be the automatic first choice in our field of expertise as a result of our excellent service, exceptional products and product knowledge, cost effective solutions and committed employees.


To provide cost effective value adding alternatives/solutions in the fields of surface coatings, dimensional restoration and selective electroplating.


Statistics compiled over the last 15 years indicate that major cost savings can be achieved: ±20-35% of new component price through dimensional restoration and ±10-25% of new component price through surface defect correction.

Products / Services

Surface Coatings / Treatments

Marlinec offers Selective or Brush Electroplating, Thermal Spray of various metals, Arc Spray & Electro-polishing.

Reconditioning & Conversion

Marlinec provides a professional and quality driven service with regards to reconditioning of industrial components of typically up to 3 ton.

Industrial Grit Blasting

Marlinec also provides an industrial grit blasting service. Two well ventilated (dust extraction) and well-lit blasting booths/rooms of 4 x 5 m2 each.

Save Costs?

Statistics compiled over the last 15 years indicate that major cost savings can be achieved, Dimensional restoration to original equipment size specifications – ±15-35% of new component price.
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