Selective Electroplating / Brush Electroplating

What is Selective Electroplating?

Selective Electroplating also known as Brush Electroplating, Selective Electroplating or Electro Chemical Metalizing is a metal/alloy deposition method for localised electroplating without using an immersion tank system. (See

The process utilises an electrical current to deposit a desired material from a solution and bond it to a conductive object. A thin layer of material such as a metal or an alloy can thus be deposited upon the substrate surface. Surfaces liable to be plated may vary from cm² to m². The deposit thickness ranges from a few microns to several tenths of a millimetre. (See Marlinec – Selective Electroplating.pdf)

Why use Selective Electroplating?

Selective Electroplating is primarily used for depositing a layer to bestow a desired property/characteristic to a surface that otherwise lacks that property.

Unique features of Selective Electroplating:

  • It is fast
  • Can deposit hard metals (Rockwell C50 and above) at 25µm/minute
  • Can deposit soft metals at up to 250µm/minute
  • It is ideal for dimensional restoration
  • It is portable which makes it ideal for field repairs or on assemblies
  • It has excellent bond strength exceeding 97MPa (> 14 000 PSI)
  • A wide variety of metals, alloys and conversion coatings can be applied with the same equipment
  • Selective areas can be plated. No need for a tank system
  • Excellent adhesion. Comply with numerous specifications throughout various industries
  • No thermal distortion of any kind (cold process)
  • Wear and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent thickness control
  • Portability – onsite / in situ
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost effective
  • Dimensional restoration of original equipment manufacturer’s dimensions
  • Practically no dimensional restriction to component size that can be plated
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good lubricity
  • Exceptional hardness
  • Defect repairs
  • Anti-galling properties
  • Aesthetic qualities
Selective Electroplating vs Other Repair Methods

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* Deposits are approximately 25% and 790% less porous than electroplated and metallized coatings respectively.

Plating Material Surface Hardness

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