Electro-Polishing of Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Copper

Electro-polishing also known as electrochemical polishing or electrolytic polishing is an electrochemical process that removes the outer skin of metal along with the imbedded contaminants from a metal object being polished. It is often described as the reverse of electroplating.

During electro-polishing, the metal is removed ion by ion from the surface of the metal object being polished. When the outer skin is dissolved, not only is the imbedded contaminants removed but the surface becomes smoother, eliminating defects where bacteria can harbor and corrosion can initiate. The end result is the electro polished part is 30 times more corrosion resistant when subjected to salt spray testing. The process of electro-polishing provides a smooth and shiny finish (astatically pleasing finish) to your product.

Electro-polishing – electrochemistry and the fundamental principles of electrolysis (Faraday’s Law) replace traditional mechanical finishing techniques, including grinding, milling, blasting and buffing as the final finish.

Marlinec provides electro-polishing of stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

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