About Our Company

Marlinec (Pty) Ltd provides cost effective solutions (15-35% of new component prices) through reconditioning/refurbishing/converting of industrial components, mainly utilising Selective Electroplating – a well proven and established global technology which Marlinec introduced in South Africa during the mid-70’s.

Marlinec has extensive experience in the fields of surface coatings and dimensional restoration, precision engineering and machining, industrial component conversions and metallurgical engineering.

Marlinec offers an extensive and complete range of metal coating technologies and materials to select from – Selective Electroplating, thermal spray, flame spray (powder), specialised welding as well as precision machining, grit blasting and painting – on a single site.

More About Us

wide range of alloys and pure elements, 35 (sourced from Jaluma) can be plated on site, in-situ to provide required surface characteristics. Even though more than a 100 alloys/elements can be plated using the selective electroplating process, the most common solutions used by Marlinec are Copper, Cobalt, Cadmium, Gold, Nickel, Silver, Tin, Zinc, Nickel Cobalt and Nickel Tungsten.

All solutions are locally manufactured by Jaluma (Marlinec’s sister company) at our factory in Pretoria thus ensuring consistency of supply and quality as well as associated cost benefits of manufacturing these solutions locally.

The Selective- or Brush Electroplating process is a cold process which allows components to be plated more than once with an excellent turnaround time.

About Our Facilities

Our 2000m² under roof factory complex is equipped with 3 horizontal boring mills, 1 vertical boring mill, 2 universal drilling machines, 4 lathes, 1 horizontal grinding machine, 1 vertical grinding machine, vacuum test bench, thermal spray facilities, spray painting facilities, grit blasting facilities, welding facilities including micro welding, 12 selective electroplating plants, lifting equipment, compressed air network and temperature controlled, well equipped measuring room.

Our Clients